IT Consultancy
RAWTEK is committed to helping its clients make informed business decisions. We take the time to listen to get a full understanding of your business and its current and future objectives. Only then can we provide you with a considered recommendation, taking account of the whole picture. This will then help you make the right decision for your business.
Our IT consultancy service to you could take two forms:

Consultancy as part of an end to end solution
This may be linked to a project and include us at the project initiation stage. We can analyse your current systems and working practices and assess your business objectives to ensure your project specification meets your needs. You may then wish us to see the project through using our Project and Programme Management expertise.

Short term or one off consultancy
Here we can provide an expert view to enable your business to minimise risk and advise of change. This could take the form of developing new IT strategies, advising on appropriate hardware/software, recruiting appropriate IT staff, etc.
Whatever your needs, as IT and communications industry experts, RAWTEK can use its extensive experience, skills and knowledge to enable you to make informed decisions with confidence that it will benefit your business and support your future growth.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or request further information and we can provide you with details of our daily rates. RAWTEK is happy to give you a free, no obligation, estimate for consultancy if you wish.


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